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L’Hort del Metge is located in the town of Lladrós, which is the valley of the Noguera de Cardós River. Along with other mountain villages, Lladrós is part of the municipality of Vall de Cardós.

This region is known for its rural environment, since there are still many people who make a living from ranching (cows, sheep and horses). And part of the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park as well as most of the new Alt Pirineu Natural Park are in the Pallars Sobirà region. Both of these parks are rich in fauna, flora and geology.

The location of L’Hort del Metge allows you to reach the ski resorts of Espot Esquí, Port Ainé and Baqueira Beret in less than an hour. It is also very easy to get to the ski resort at La Pleta del Prat since it is at the end of the Cardós Valley in Tavascan.

The white water rivers of Pallars Sobirà, especially the Noguera Pallaresa, are great for sports such as canoeing, rafting and other fun recreational activities.

Visitors to L’Hort del Metge will be able to experience what it is like to live in a high mountain village, without having to forgo any comforts and in a rich environment that will allow you to participate in various activities according to your preferences and the time of year: hiking, tours of Romanesque monuments, museums, skiing, adventure sports, good food, horse riding, etc.



Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

Emblematic park with spectacular landscapes throughout the year and many hiking options.

Alt Pirineu Natural Park

Park in Pallars Sobirà with lots of great wildlife to discover, in addition to lakes, trails and villages.

Guide map of the Valley of Cardós

The valley of L’Hort del Metge on a map.

Tavascan Ski - La Pleta del Prat

The unpretentious ski resort.

Herbs from Alt Pirineu

Workshops and visits to see the cultivation of aromatic herbs in Araós.

Butterfly Museum

Museum in Ribera de Cardós.

Tavascan Hydroelectric Power Plant

Interpretation Center. Water and power.

The Rafting Company

Rafting, canyoning, kayaks, via ferratas, etc. with very good guides and instructors.

Roc Roi

Summertime river activities and mushing, snowshoes, igloos, snowmobiles, tubing, etc. in Llavorsí.

Trails in Pallars

Very well-explained trails in Pallars Sobirà.

Espot and Port Ainé Skiing

Ski Pallars, both in Espot and in Port Ainé, quality skiing is guaranteed and very close to L’Hort del Metge.


Very well-known ski resort in Vall d’Aran with acess from Pallars Sobirà.

Explora el Parc

Children’s passport for the Natural Park with many prizes.

Obaga Activitats

Quality hiking and astronomical observations.


Somriu takes you to the most beautiful places in Pallars.

Valls d’Àneu Ecomuseum

Family visits to learn about ecology and history.

A tour of Pallars Sobirà

Website with activities throughout the area where you will find all the restaurants, artisans, museums and other places to visit.

Tros de Sort Creamery

Artisan cow cheeses.


Walking trails

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Relaxing walk

A very relaxing walk from the cottages, suitable for all ages.

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Pui Tavaca Peak

Hiking trail that goes up Pui Tavaca Peak and can be reached on foot from Lladrós. Although you must be used to walking and the slope is fairly steep, this trail is suitable for all ages.

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The viewpoint

Trail with a slope, but suitable for all ages. The viewpoint has an information panel and a great view of all the villages in the Cardós Valley.

Trails uploaded by the Wikiloc of L’Hort del Metge. Here is where we upload walking trails from L’Hort del Metge.

Valls d’Àneu Tourist Board

Ecotourism Packages

Consume nature, save fuel

At L’Hort del Metge you will spend a couple of days without consuming a single liter of petrol or diesel; you will only consume oxygen, nature and sun, which is how you will recharge your own personal battery.

The warmth of a ski resort

At L’Hort del Metge you will enjoy a very special weekend getaway. You will sleep at the bottom of the valley and spend Saturday at the Tavascan – La Pleta del Prat Ski Resort.

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