Livestock and pasture

We have a small herd of cows of the Bruna dels Pirineus breed. We are engaged in ecological ranching because it is one of the best options to be coherent with the environment. Our cows are always outdoors and they spend many months in mountain pastures, from May to November.

From late autumn until well into spring the cows graze in the meadows near L’Hort del Metge so you will be able to enjoy watching them – and, if you are lucky, you might even be able to witness the birth of a calf. At this time of year is also when there are more calves and you will be able to see them close up.

During the summer months, while the herd keeps cool up in the mountains, we grow the grass that will be used to feed them during the winter months when there are no green pastures due to the cold and snowy weather. So in the summer you will be able to see the field work and climb on the tractor.

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