We closed the cottage more than a week ago and it will remain closed because of the “state of alarm” declared in our country in response to this contagious disease that is disrupting the world.

In a few days, when we reopen, everything will have changed. People will have learned many, many things and our values will probably ​​change. Our first hugs to loved ones we haven’t seen for a long time will be more appreciated and our eyes will shine more brightly when we look into their eyes. We will also surely be able to assimilate the deaths of so many people who are leaving us, and will leave us, after gasping for their last breath without the presence of their loved ones to accompany them. We will be able to honor their memory and feel fortunate to be one of those who, this time, survived.

The generations that are experiencing all of this do not understand many things that are happening because this moment was simply unforeseen in our minds. We have to learn that the value of time is very different now; that simply spending time together is a very fulfilling way of life, too.

These days we have the feeling and evidence that animals should feel more like masters of the planet; they have more space even in heaven. Ants are no longer trampled by people or cars and birds can hear their singing better without the murmur of humans.

When L’Hort del Metge opens its doors again and you come and visit, we will have changed and you will have, too. We will all begin to understand that we inhabit a world that is both fragile and beautiful and that we must be careful, respectful and, above all, savor every moment.

See you soon

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